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4 Season Available Pool Heter


Swim year-round

Want to keep using your pool at low temperatures and swim all year round? With an INVERBOOST pool heter, your dream will come true. If your pool isn’t just a place for the hot sun in summer, you might feel upset if you have to see it drain in autumn.

A pool heter is an extremely energy-saving heating solution than other pool heaters such as electric heaters or gas heaters etc. Though the expense of a heat pump, especially the inverter one is higher. In long term, it is more cost-saving and makes your pool investment more worthy. Besides, the INVERBOOST heating solutions have more benefits like high efficiency, intelligent working, quiet operation, built-in wifi function, long service life, etc.

inverboost pool heat pump

Pool heat pump VS Solar Pool Heter

Heat pumps heat pool water with electricity, it delivers the heat extracted from the cooler ambient air and delivers the heat to pool water. You just simply set the pool temperature you desire and the pool heat pump will do the rest and keep water comfortably warm, even in winter when it is cold outside. The INVERBOOST units work more dynamically to maximize the use of energy.

Solar pool heater works differently. The solar heater uses a regular pool pump and the pool water is pushed onto a solar collector which is usually installed on your roof. The water is heated by sunlight directly and is returned to your pool by the system.

The Best Solution

pool heter

The pool water temperature can be raised by 10-15 degrees by the use of solar pool heaters. It is good. So late spring and early fall are good times to use solar pool heaters. But you still need a pool heat pump as the backup solution if you want warm pool water on cloudy, rainy, or cold days when solar heater may be difficult for the solar heater to make a contribution. 

For the best result, invest in pool heat pumps at the same time as you buy a solar system, especially the INVERBOOST heat pump with much higher efficiency. This would be the most cost-effective solution to extend the swimming season to get all-year heated pools!

Does the pool heat pump work in freezing weather? On cold days, not all pool heter could work, but the INVERBOOST pool heter features an intelligent automatic defrosting function so it could operate even in below-freezing outdoor temperatures down to -20 degrees. Thanks to the INVERBOOST technology which could help you full fill the wish to swim in four seasons including in cold-weather places!

More than just heating

Some solar pool heaters and pool heat pump not only can heat pool water, but they are also able to cool your pool water so you could enjoy refreshing swimming on hot days! The pool heat pump could switch from heating mode to cooling mode simply, INVERBOOST heat pump has heating/ cooling/ automatic 3 modes.

There is a slight difference in how the solar pool heater work. In the daytime in sunlight, it does not bring cold water to its solar collectors, the hot water is brought to the collector at night to cool the pool water.

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