4 Season Inverter Heater for A Pool

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Heater for A Pool- 4 Seasons Available

One way to reduce the carbon footprint effectively is to reduce energy consumption.

A pool heat pump is a recommended solution to become greener. With full inverter technology, the INVERBOOST pool heat pump is equipped with a variable speed compressor that could adjust hertz by hertz and a multi-speed fan. The pool heat pump chooses the speed of operation between 20% and 100% of its max power. Its high COP and low noise benefit customers and upgrade the swimming experience to a new level.
In the beginning, the inverter pool heat pump will heat the pool with full capacity to the desired temperature. After that, the pool heater works with 50% capacity on average to maintain a comfortable pool temperature.
4 season Inverter heater for a pool

When maintaining the desired pool temperature, the average noise level of the INVERBOOST Heater for A Pool at a 1-meter distance is around 40 dB(A), which is much quieter than an on/off pool heater. It is so quiet that you may forget it is running and relaxing in the swimming pool. Also during this period, it reaches high COP up to 16, which is super-efficient, while the COP of most on/off pool heat pumps is about 4 or 5. It is a revolution of technology that saves much more operation costs and energy. Therefore, on the other hand, it makes a contribution to the global environment when it is saving money.

More features of INVERBOOST pool heat pump:

heater for a pool ALL YEAR ROUND1. Seasons operation with intelligent defrosting function down to -20 degrees which bring customers extended swimming season. It is not a dream anymore to enjoy the heater for a pool from spring, autumn to winter (with pool cover) with the help of the INVERBOOST pool wärmepumpe

2.No peak loads, the pool heat pump works dynamically to heat pool water as per the real-time heat demand. It is not the same story for the on / off heat pump. It will create a much higher start current than the nominal and this causes power overloads and voltage drop and trip.

3. Intelligent 3 working modes: Turbo, Smart, Silent for different conditions. By turbo mode, the unit could achieve an extra 20% heating capacity and fast heating.
Smart mode, dynamic working to maintain the pool temperature. In silent mode, the unit achieves the highest energy efficiency and ultra-silent operation.

4.  User-friendly touch display with intuitive real-time display of water temperature and more functions like timer setting, data checking, and setting. 5/ Aluminum or ASA material cabinet which is rustproof and UV resistant. 6/ Hidden screw design, more exquisite compared with many other entry-level pool heaters in the market with obvious screws. 6/ Titanium heat exchanger in high quality and performance, compatible with salt pool water. 7/Built-in WIFI function. With ALSAVO PRO APP, you could control your pool heat pump anytime and anywhere. The APP is 10 languages available.

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