Benefits on UX Pool Heat Pump

inverboost pool heater

INVERBOOST pool heat pump adopts reliable inverter technology to variate the working frequency dynamically to get the optimal performance. INVERBOOST heating solution maximizes energy efficiency and extends swimming season eco-friendly.

The INVERBOOST heat pumps are devices designed to heat the water of your pool to be able to take a relaxing bath even when the external temperature would not allow it. Their operation is very simple, in fact, thanks to the combined use of electricity and hot air, a heat pump is able to return about 5 kW to your pool for every kilowatt of energy consumed.


Advantage of INVERBOOST Pool Heat Pump

INVERBOOST pool heat pump adopts reliable inverter technology to variate the working frequency dynamically to get the optimal performance. INVERBOOST heating solution maximizes energy efficiency and extends swimming season eco-friendly. Designed to be quiet, the low noise INVERBOOST pool heat pump perfectly fits in background noise and keeps a friendly neighborhood.

alsavo pool heat pump

ALSAVO offers you a wide range of pool heaters to meet your every need, from the most economical and basic models with on / off operation to the most technological and avant-garde inverter pool heat pumps, all performing and with guaranteed effectiveness!

As we know that the new INVERBOOST heat pumps present a novelty in heating your pool.

The inverter pool heaters use the latest generation technologies to offer you the maximum user experience. Depending on the model that you selected, you can control every aspect of them by using a smartphone to set the desired temperature and operating mode such as Turbo mode or Silence, Smart mode.

Furthermore, inverter pool heat pumps are among the quietest on the market, have low consumption, and are eco-friendly, in fact, they are equipped with R32 refrigerants with low environmental impact.

The UX series full inverter pool heat pump is the ideal heating system for those who don’t want to give up enjoying a relaxing swim even on the coldest days!

Suitable for pools with water volumes up to more than 45 cubic meters, UX series are designed with a careful eye on the environment and energy-saving, its hidden fan distinguishes itself from normal designs and a better swimming experience without chill wind from the fan grid.

In fact, UX operates using full inverter technology, a system that has revolutionized the operation of pool heaters allowing them to reach high-performance coefficients while maintaining low noise levels and electricity consumption.

Finally, this heat pump is characterized by an innovative touchscreen control panel that integrates a Wi-Fi system. You can therefore connect UX to your home network to control it remotely using your smartphone.


1)Quick and efficient pump defrosting system

2)High performance electronic expansion valve that increases COP up to 16% more

3)Spiral titanium heat ex-changer that guarantees up to 40% more efficiency than traditional heat pumps

4) SPA option that allows you to heat the water up to 40 ° C

5) R32 refrigerant gas

6) Remote control option with smartphone app

7) Innovative back-discharge design, chill-wind proof design

8) Aluminum shell with high quality UV resistant metal finish

9) TU/CE /SAA certified product

The UX INVERBOOST pool heat pump combines the best performance and silence.

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