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Amazing Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Save the most money Now?

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As the pool heater, swimming pool heat pumps are the most save money equipment? Faced with all kinds of pool heaters in the market, do you feel very confused?

We are sure you could make the right choice for your pool heater at once after reading this blog.

Below main types of pool heater comparison for your reference:

swimming pool heat pumps

Solar Pool Heater Vs Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

A solar pool heater uses thermal energy from the sun as pool heater. Similar to solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, solar energy collectors are typically mounted on your roof. Water from your pool is pumped through a filter and up to the solar collectors on your roof to the collectors. These solar collectors look similar to PV panels but include tubes throughout the inside so that pool water can circulate in the collector and absorb heat. Pool heat pumps move the heat from the air.


  • 0 Operation Fee -As the sunshine is free energy, as long as the sun is shining, solar heaters will provide heat constantly for your pool
  • 0 pollution-Without harmful emissions, for sure a solar heater is an eco-friendly above-ground pool heating option
  • Low cost for maintenance -After installation, there is a fairly low maintenance fee.


  • High initial installation Fee– As we know there are a lot of things that need to install, the most common setup is a series of polypropylene mats laid across a rooftop, with an inlet and outlet pipe along opposite sides.
  • No sun is trouble -The less sunshine, the less heat solar heaters generate. There are consecutive cloudy days, your temps will plummet.
  • Slowest heating -Compare with other pool heaters, such as InverBoost® Full Inverter Pool Heat Pumps, the solar heater has the slowest heating time.
  • Difficult to provide heat as demand -As photovoltaic heaters, they can only use the heat that they’ve collected until it’s gone. Therefore, solar pool heaters cannot provide heat as you want.
  • Hard to Relocate -Solar pool heaters are few advantages in design and are difficult to relocate.


Gas Heaters Vs Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Let’s get some basic information about gas heaters. Gas heaters are fueled by either natural or propane gas, Pool heat pumps are driven by electricity. Gas heaters are also one of the popular choices as a pool heater.


  • Purchase Cost Less – Basic on the pool size, a gas heater’s price is around half of heat pumps.
  • Work in Any Temperature – Gas heaters do not rely on outside temperature to produce heat for your swimming pool. Cold outside? No problems with a gas heater!
  • Rapid Heating – Compare with heat pumps, gas heaters can heat up pool water in a relatively short period of time, the speed is faster than heat pumps. Especially for “weekend warriors”, traditional gas heaters can reach the temperature you want in a short period of time.


  • More Energy Used/More Operate Expense – As the inherent inefficiency of gas heaters, they will send you a good bit more money to operate. It’s true that gas heaters heat up the water more quickly than pool heat pumps, but they will need more energy in the process, which translates to higher costs in running.
  • Shorter Life – Due to the high heat produced within the unit and a larger number of moving parts, you can estimate that a gas unit may need repair more often than pool heat pumps, even stopping working at any time.
  • Tank or Lines Needed – If you have natural gas service piped to your home already, this may be a good option. You can connect the gas line with your pool would be needed (you’ll need it plumbed in), OR you need one of those very large tanks in your yard for propane (A bit ugly sight). The tank needs to be refilled regularly. But pool heat pums no tank needed.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps 

swimming pool heat pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps use little electricity to transfer heat from the environment as a pool heater, especially like InverBoost® Full Inverter Pool Heat Pumps, they use a full inverter technology system, and they can work at high efficiency without worrying about the limitations in weather, district, pollution, or energy costing.


  • High Energy Efficiency-As the pool heater, swimming pool heat pumps are very high efficiency, most of the heat moves from Air to Water.InverBoost® Full Inverter Pool Heat Pumps are capable of achieving COP up to 16.0,i.e. they can deliver 16kW of heat to the pool only for 1 kW of electricity used.
  • Low operation Cost -Swimming pool heat pumps only need a small amount of electricity to drive compression and fan. This means that most pool owners are spending quite a bit less money to maintain the same temperature over a long period of time, and the operating cost is low.
  • Durable than Gas Heaters – Swimming pool heat pumps have very few moving parts in the design, and because of their “low and slow” operation will have less wear and tear. This results in a longer lifespan than gas heaters. Fewer repairs are likely as well.
  • Environment Friendly– Unlike Gas heaters, swimming pool heat pumps produce no carbon dioxide and use much less energy making them a greener option to use.


  • Slow Heat Up -The swimming pool Heat pumps are the long-distance runners, not a sprinter like the gas heater, but in the swimming season, we can open it early before use, it can keep on running as the operation fee is low.
  • Purchase Price is higher than Gas Heater – Usually, the price of a swimming pool heat pump is more expensive than a gas pool heater. But the annual operating costs of swimming pool heat pumps are typically lower than gas pool heaters because swimming pool heat pumps have higher efficiencies. Swimming pool heat pumps last longer than gas pool heaters with proper maintenance. As a result, you’ll save more money in the long run. Furthermore, the prices are getting better for heat pumps now.
  • The cooler outside the less efficient –InverBoost® Full Inverter Pool Heat Pumps work efficiently on the outside temperature range -7℃~43℃. The cooler the outside, the less efficient they are and the higher bills they result in. However, most people use them for above ground pools heating during mild weather above 15℃, this usually isn’t an issue.


In Conclusion  pool heater 

The best choice for your pool is what suits you and your situation best. If you like swimming pool heat pumps, InverBoost® Full Inverter Pool Heat Pumps will be the best choice as your pool heater.

Need more help? Feel free to contact us and we’d love to help further guide you in your choice!

Enjoy your Swimming!

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