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Can I Use My Pool Heat Pump in Winter?

Pool Heat Pump in winter

Pool Heat Pump-Application in Winter

Swimming pool heat pumps are an outstanding invention of renewable heat. They collect heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the flowing water of the swimming pool. One of the questions homeowners might ask when they hear this is: Does this mean I can not use my pool heat pump in winter? In the cold winter days, can the pool heat pump still draw heat from the air?

Don not worry about that, you can use your swimming pool heat pump at any time of the year. Our INVERBOOST UX series swimming pool heat pumps are specially designed to adapt to cold climates. They can operate at temperatures as low as -20 C° and as high as 43 C°.

In a colder climate, it is more difficult to absorb heat, resulting in less heat output. In this case, you will need a longer heating time (more power output) to reach the required swimming water temperature.

There are 7 things you should know about swimming pool heating in winter:

Pool Heat Pump

1. No limit

Even on the coldest days, your swimming pool heat pump can always get heat from the surrounding environment, but the cold weather will affect the efficiency of the  output. There is a better solution to solve by increasing the heat pump running time, increasing the heat pump size or reducing the pool temperature.

2. Special defrost mode

The defrost mode will definitely satisfy you,which is completely automatic, and the defrosting process will be activated as long as the ice on the heat pump components exceeds the time allowed by the system. The heat pump control chip will issue instructions to run several circulatory systems in reverse to melt any ice that has formed, and return to normal operation after all ice is removed. This process only takes a few minutes and usually does not affect the heating time and effect of your swimming pool.

3. Maintain your pool heat pump

Remove any winter debris around the heat pump area for proper ventilation. Remember that if the airflow is blocked, the pool heat pump will not operate effectively.

4. The pool cover is the best partner for the pool heat pump

Whenever you heat the pool, your pool cover acts as a protective layer for the pool. It can reduce evaporation, which is very important to save the energy supplied in the pool, because this is one of the biggest heat losses.

5- The bigger unit makes you feel like summer in winter

Due to higher efficiency and power, a larger swimming pool heat pump size means an easy winter for your pool.

6- More running times

Give the device some more time. Technically the swimming pool heat pumps operate 24 hours a day. There is no problem with INVERBOOST to to ensure the pool doesn’t over-chlorinate. Through multiple timer settings on the WiFi app, you can set the silent mode at night and run at full power during the day.

7- Remote control via app

Use your Wi-Fi app to manage your pool heat pump. No need to leave a warm place to check the pool heat pump, or immerse your toes in ice-cold water to check if your heat pump has finished heating or not, our app allows you to monitor and control your heat pumping from your home easily .

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