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Comparison of Pool Heat Pumps and Gas Heaters

pool heat pump

Pool Heat Pumps and Gas Heaters

Except for solar panel heating, the other two ways we commonly use to heat swimming pools are swimming pool heat pumps or gas pool heaters. So how do we compare their two heating solutions? In terms of working principles, pool heat pumps draw in the heat from ambient air and deliver the heat to heat up the pool water. It will be better if the surrounding air is warmer, so many customers think pool heat pumps work better if the climate is warmer. INVERBOOST pool heat pump could work down to -12 or -20 degrees. It is actually not very common that people swim in a too cold climate like below 50 degrees.

Pool Heat Pumps

Pool heat pumps usually are more expensive than gas pool heaters for inground pools. While for above-ground pools, pool heat pumps are less expensive. However, pool heat pumps are more cost-saving when operating, if the pool is with the pool cover and it is covered when it is not in use, the operation cost can be even less. INVERBOOST pool heat pumps are more cost-saving compared with on/off systems.

When we choose a pool heat pump, its size is the most important to consider. The Pool heat pump size usually ranges from 5kw to 130kw, these years there are also mini pool heat pumps in the market for small above-ground pools, for example, Zealux has mini pool heaters from 2.5kw to 6kw, these heaters are very popular in the market. Consult professional suppliers or technicians before purchasing pool heat pumps.

Pool Heat Pumps

Efficiency is also very important to consider. A pool heat pump is measured by COP (coefficient of performance), a higher value means higher energy efficiency. There are different COP values in different conditions, normally at air 28 degrees and at air 15 degrees. The COP of INVERBOOST pool heat pump at Air 28 degrees, Water 28 degrees, and humidity 80% is up to 16. Some manufacturers also define the average COP of the pool heater. This efficiency rating is one of the important measurements of a pool heat pump.

Though the initial expense of a pool heat pump is more than a gas pool heater. With pool heat pumps, energy costs would be much less per year, which can be put in use frequently. Using gas heater costs constantly costs more. With INVERBOOST pool heat pump, we could enjoy swimming pool in 4 seasons, which is worthy of investment. It also costs less to repair or maintain a pool heat pump than a gas heater. On the other hand, a pool heat pump has a longer service life up to 10 years, the working life of a gas heater is less like only about a half of that.

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