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How a heat pump works?

heat pump for pool

Today we’ll talk about how a heat pump works exactly.

First of all, unlike traditional pool heaters, a pool heat pump does not generate heat, it draws in heat from the air and amplifies it then transfers it to your pool water

The warm air is then circulated through an evaporator coil that absorbs the heat from the air. Inside the evaporator coil, there is a liquid refrigerant that turns into gas when heated. The refrigerant turned gas inside the coil is then pumped through a compressor which increases the heat by, well, compressing the gas. As the gas is being compressed, the temperature of the gas can reach all the way up to 200F. 

The gas inside of the condenser coil now cooled back into its liquid refrigerant state, is cycled back into the evaporator coil in which the whole cycle begins anew.

how a heat pump works

How a heat pump works-ALSAVO

While it sounds really complicated, it’s a very simple process that efficiently heats your pool without using too much energy. (How a heat pump works-ALSAVO)

Diving into a tub of cold water is certainly not one of the pleasures of life. There are several ways to heat a swimming pool and today we will examine one in particular: 

ALSAVO pool heat pump Heating Process

You might know that heating the water in the pool takes place in two phases.

how a heat pump works

 How a heat pump works-ALSAVO

It starts with the steady phase, a phase in which the temperature of the water withdrawn from the aqueduct, is increased to the desired level. This process is quite long and can take up to 2 days. This is the operation that takes place during the start-up phase of the pool and every time the pool needs to be emptied for cleaning and maintenance operations, once the desired temperature has been reached, the maintenance phase is carried out: the temperature must be kept constant.

So it is necessary to deliver a heat input equal to the quantity of the tank dispersions (which are due to multiple factors, such as evaporation).

INVERBOOST pool heat pumps take care of both phases. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that pool heaters do not produce heat but use the external air already heated by the sun to perform their function: they transfer the energy present in the atmosphere to the water with high efficiency. (How a heat pump works-ALSAVO)

There is 80% of the energy used comes from the outdoor air and for every kilowatt consume, then returned to your pool. Technically, the pool water circulates inside the filter system and then goes into the INVERBOOST pool heat pump. 

This sucks in the outside air by means of a fan and passes it through an evaporator. The refrigerant liquid present in the evaporator absorbs the heat present in the external air, which, thanks to an ex-changer, is transferred to the pool water. The cooled air is returned to the outside.

How a heat pump works?

 How a heat pump works-ALSAVO

 How a heat pump works-ALSAVO

The only energy that the pool heater requires is that absorbed by the compressor and fan. 

However, it must be borne in mind that the electrical energy absorbed by the compressor is added to the energy taken from the air and together they provide heat for heating. The appliance is equipped with a digital control panel, on which it is possible to set the desired water temperature. 

Although the functioning of this instrument sounds rather complicated (it is a bit the reverse of that of a refrigerator) the installation is very simple, it only requires an electrical and hydraulic connection and it can be installed. 

It is true that ALSAVO pool heat pumps are more expensive than other heating systems, but thanks to their heating ability, savings in terms of running costs of up to 80%, not to mention that they have a much longer lifespan.it can be used all year round, it is useful during the summer season when the sudden changes in temperature make the water cool, it also allows you to extend the season (especially if used with a suitable cover ). It is very useful, for example, in spring when the water temperature is only 21/22 ° C. (How a heat pump works-ALSAVO)

It has excellent efficiency in relation to the required energy consumption and does not have high operating costs because it can be managed manually or with a thermostat that keeps the temperature constant.

The INVERBOOST pool heat pump does not require much special maintenance. 

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