Pool Heat Pump

How to clean a pool heat pump?

pool heat pump

Clean your Pool heat pump

An INVERBOOST heat pump is a great investment in your home’s life. You want to ensure you protect and keep it in the best way like any other asset.
That means we need to clean it and do regular maintenance. This will not only make sure it works well but also extend its lifetime. But how to clean it without damaging or interfering with it? To help you save much money on electricity bills and top performance for several years, here are some tips on how to clean and protect your INVERBOOST UX pool heat pump.

Pool heat pump

How to clean pool heat pumps?

Before we get into the dirty, it is good to know how the heat pump works. Did you know that these pumps don’t generate heat? They do by drawing heat from the outside environment and then distributing it to the pool instead. With these points, let us go into simple things you can do to ensure it is working properly.
How to keep your pool heat pump clean
Make sure no walls and plants will hinder air from moving into the machine, there is enough airflow around the pump, this is very important, even partial blockage will make it works overtime, which means more money and energy.

Clean the coil

This is a simple endeavor and doesn’t need special material.
Shut our INVERBOOST UX pump off at the main switch or the circuit breaker and use an air sprayer with a nozzle to spray the coil’s external area from top to bottom. Do not use pressure to wash this, if greasy dirty is the problem, then you can use a mild cleanser, when spraying use a gentle approach. Please don’t use a lot of pressure, the coil’s fan can be bent.
Only use pure water, no cleaners or detergents. Recycled water is acidic, which is not good for the pump.
Experts recommend that you clean the vanes once per year and check the heat pump every month to see if more cleaning is required. This will help to keep the pump’s efficiency in moving heat to the swimming pools.

Clean the inner of the heat pump

When the INVERBOOST UX heat pump is still off, clean out any leaves and much at the bottom of the pool heat pump. Ensure you clean the side opening well so that raindrops go out quickly through the bottom and do not accumulate inside.

Get rid of debris from the pump’s air intake

Locate the pump’s air intake, this is very easy to spot, in our INVERBOOST UX pumps, the air intake is usually located on the top side or the whole side of it, take the vacuum cleaner and clean all debris from the areas.
After doing all these steps, you can keep your INVERBOOST UX heat pumps well and enjoy a comfortable swimming temperature during the whole year.

Pool heat pump

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