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How to install an inverter pool heat pump?


Pool Heat Pump-Tips about installing an inverter pool heat pump

Before installing and using INVERBOOST commercial pool heat pump for constant-temperature water heating, we need to note the following:

1. INVERBOOST commercial pool heat pump is suitable for water temperature heating and constant temperature from 0℃ to 40℃. Higher than 40℃ or lower than 0℃ will affect the operating efficiency of the inverter commercial pool heat pump, or even break the inverter commercial pool heat pump.

2. When reading the manual, if you need any technical consultation, please contact the company or local agent.

3. When selecting and installing the unit, please check whether the corresponding power supply capacity meets the power requirements of  unit, see the nameplate on the unit for details.

4. INVERBOOST commercial pool heat pump must be installed and debugged by professional technical installers. If the inverter commercial pool heat pump is damaged due to human error, we will not assume the inverter commercial pool heat pump warranty.

5. Be sure to install a leakage protection device. The fixed-line must be equipped with an all-pole disconnect device with a contact distance of at least 3mm.

6. It must be grounded reliably, and it is strictly forbidden to use the unit without reliable grounding.

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7. It is strictly forbidden to connect the ground wire to the neutral wire or the water pipe.

8. The appliance should be installed in accordance with the national wiring rules, and the electrician must refer to the wiring diagram when wiring.

9. For the sake of safety, please do not modify or repai it privately; if the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or maintenance department or similar full-time personnel.

10. It is strictly forbidden to insert any tools into the unit, so as not to touch the fan and easily cause damage to the unit or accidents (especially kids).

11. Do not use the unit with the grid or sheet metal removed, so as to avoid accidents or abnormal operation of the unit.

12. It must be maintained in accordance with the contents of the manual.

13. Only suitable for standard parts.

14. Please always place it in a well-ventilated place, and keep it away from any place that may cause a fire (The R32 refrigerant in the inverter commercial pool heat pump is flammable. When the concentration reaches a certain value, it will cause an explosion).

15. If there is refrigerant inside the machine, do not charge it. When adding refrigerant, keep the machine away from the confined space

16. Before charging the refrigerant, it must be vacuumed.

17. The charging of refrigerants must be done by professionals with a refrigerant operating license.

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