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Inverter Commercial Pool Heater Installation Notes in 2022

pool heater installation

Highly efficient and economical pool heater installation

1. The installation of the INVERBOOST commercial pool heat pump unit must be performed by professional and technical personnel. Otherwise, the equipment may be damaged or personal safety may be threatened.

2. The inverter commercial pool heater installation should be installed in a well-ventilated outdoor location. The repeated use of the air discharged from the equipment will greatly reduce the reflux heating capacity and efficiency, which will reduce the service life of the compressor.

3. The inverter wärmepumpe pool can be installed almost anywhere outdoors. To obtain good performance, it needs to meet three factors:

  • Good ventilation
  • Stable and reliable power supply
  • Circulating water system

4. The inverter commercial pool heater installation should not be installed in a closed space with a limited air circulation area, or where there are obstacles blocking the air outlet of the pool heat pump. When the season changes, the fallen leaves should be avoided as far as possible from falling into the evaporator coil, thereby reducing the heat exchange rate and the service life of the pool heat pump unit.

5. For indoor installation instructions of inverter commercial pool heater, please consult a technician.

6. When installing the bypass valve, it should not exceed 30% of the inverter commercial pool heater rated flow.

7. The water level of the inverter commercial pool heater unit should be higher than the position of the circulating water pump.

8. The minimum distance required for the pool heater installation unit is as shown in the figure below.

pool heater installation

9. Under normal circumstances, the inverter commercial pool heater installation unit should be installed beside the swimming pool, and the distance should be less than 7.5 meters. If installed farther, the piping system will cause greater heat loss. Although the piping system must be insulated, it still exchanges heat with the surrounding soil, for example, every 30 meters (15 meters in and out of the total length of the water pipe), unless the ground is wet or the water level is high. A very rough estimate of the heat loss per 30 meters is 0.6 kW per hour (2000 BTU).

10. The inverter commercial pool heater installation unit should operate in accordance with the rated water flow in the product specification table to obtain the best heat exchange effect. 

11. Increase the drainage pipes to prevent the water from freezing in the cold season of the inverter commercial pool heat pump unit. Install three-way and ball valves to drain the water in the unit in winter to prevent freezing in the sub-zero temperature of the environment and prevent the unit from being affected. damage.

12. It is recommended to install a quick adapter to drain water, prevent the water from freezing, and facilitate the maintenance and repair of the inverter commercial pool heat pump unit.

13. When the inverter commercial pool heat pump unit is running, some condensate will drain from the bottom. Please connect the drain nozzle and connect the drain pipe to drain the condensed water.

14. If the water pressure or water flow is too large, please install a bypass valve to divert the water flow.

Commercial swimming pool heater installations are for larger private pools or commercial pools.

pool heater installation

The heat is retrieved from the air outside and transferred to the pool water. For each kW consumed by the INVERBOOST heat pump, 6 kW can be returned to the pool. So 5 out of 6 kW are for free.

The unit is intelligently designed and remarkably compact for ease of installation.

For example, the integrated pressure switch will sense the water pressure that is generated when the pool pump has started and it automatically starts the heat pump when heating/cooling is required. It will also stop the heat pump when the pool pump shuts off.

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