Heat Pump Trends

Merits of Heat Pump to Use


Merits of Heat Pumps to Use

Different types of refrigerant systems will be used in heat pumps , such as industrial, commercial, etc. Lower heat sources such as air, water and ground will be heated for heat pumps

heat pump companiesheat pump companies

to heating and cooling. And heat pump will deliver them to higher potential temperature. Availability and price in different areas will affect heat pump’s power source. For example, it is a potential market in Western Europe, but it is widely popular is Southeast Asia. This device owns excellent technologies and upgrades with high efficient function such as saving money and conserve energy during operation.

Four parts of product type, used refrigerant material, power sources and end users are analyzed to be appropriate for the heat pump companies market. As for the product type, in terms of value with air-to-water heat pumps segment, a significant CAGR will be installed in the hybrid heat pumps. Now the market share is acquired by HFC based on the refrigerant usage. But the CO2 segment will grow at a significant CAGR over forecast. For end users, residential segment will be the leading segment, while commercial and industrial segments will be followed.

Benefits of heat pumps: Year-round investment .

The both heating and cooling system, which can cooperate with each other efficiently is the greatest advantage for home to provide cozy environment.There are some processes to learn more about the advantages of the heating and cooling pump system.

What is the cooling process?

Cooling process are familiar for most people, especially in air source heat pump different air source heat pump manufacturer adopt different technologies and have different COP conditioner system. A fluid of refrigerant can move heat. And heat will be transferred from one area to another area. Refrigerant cycles is through the outdoor coil, the compressor and the inside coil of your AC. The right pressure and temperature will be maintained by absorbing heat from indoor air to outside air.

H ow do heat pumps heat home?

Burning of fuel or electric resistance will be used for furnace to generate heat. The same refrigerant process will be used for cooling, otherwise in reverse. Reversing valve allows refrigerant flowing towards opposite direction. Absorbing air surrounding outside to blowing heat air through the ductwork.

How efficient is a heat pumps?

Excellent! Heat pump is more efficient than air conditionin system.Fast heating with extra 20% capacity optimized for cold seasons down to -20℃. Best combination of performance and silence, pool heat automatically maintain the temperature at your present value. Whisper quietly, friendly neighborhood, Inverpac operates at lowest consumption of power.

  • Over 20 years in the design and manufacture of heat pumps with inverter technology beyond expectation
  • Inventory in French/German Warehouse,European After Sales Centre
  • A+++ Energy rating;
  • Silence down to 41dB(A),Best combination of silence & performance
  • Hidden-screw Aluminum Cabinets,Built in WIFI module support app control
  • All in one design,Wi-Fi function optional, built in WIFI module support app control
  • Delivers leaving water temperature of 55°C
  • Operation down to -25°C outside temperature, super efficiency COP up to 16
  • Integrate air heating&cooling, domestic hot water,floor heating or pool heating into one
  • R32 ECO-friendly, low carbon emission

It is the best solution for the generations to use heat pump, because it is very convenient to heat water for domestic and industrial usages. Refrigerant is the intermediate fluid to absorb heat and then release the heat, which improves the system with efficiency and sustainability.

Policy makers of energy security and environmental sustainability advocate to use the global geothermal heat pump market. Furthermore, it is helpful for the market that geothermal heat pump can offer less energetic consumption and minimize greenhouse gas demission.

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