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Pool Heat Pump Installation Guide in 2022

alsavo pool heat pump

If you want to finish Heat Pump Installation correctly and safely, you must ask a licensed electrician or natural gas professional to assist you. Please keep in mind that all swimming pool heat pumps need to be installed strictly according to the instructions provided with the appropriate installation distance in order to have good ventilation, and should strictly abide by the various precautions stipulated by each supplier.

When installing a swimming pool heat pump, you need to pay attention to the installation location. There must be sufficient air circulation. It is best to install it outdoors, and there must be enough space around the equipment without obstructions. The user manual has a detailed description of the installation distance, so you need to make sure that the distance between your pool machine and your other equipment is appropriate.

Install the pool heat pump as close to the filter as possible, and no more than 25 feet away from the pool. Since the pipeline is underground, the closer the swimming pool heater is installed, the less heat loss will be.

Heat Pump Installation

The most “ideal” Heat Pump installation method is to leave a gap of about 24″ around the pool heater with no obstacles above. We have encountered many special situations. If you think you are also the one, please call us and we can help you Be judged.

If you are not sure about the size during the Heat Pump Installation process, please contact us. We will recommend a suitable one based on the size of your swimming pool and can tell you the required perfect distance between the unit and the filter.

More issues after Heat Pump Installation

After the professional installers have connected the wires and connected the pipes, you can start your ALSAVO swimming pool heat pump. At this time, you need to read the user manual carefully, because they are not the same. You make sure that all valves are open to allow water to enter the pool heat pump. But sometimes the valve is actually closed, although it appears to be open. Your heat pump will only run when your water pump is running.

Of course, in some special cases, the water pump is turned off and the heat pump can still operate, but this situation is very rare and only applies to specific pipeline installations where the siphon phenomenon occurs; this is very important, and you must change your mind to avoid any risk to damage your INVERBOOST swimming pool heater.

alsavo pool heat pump

When the swimming pool heat pump is operating in heating mode, make sure that the exhaust air is cooler than the surrounding air. This indicates that the pool heat pump is working correctly. If the pool heat pump is still running after the water pump is turned off, please turn off the pool heat pump and call us. But if the temperature is set lower than the temperature of the pool or the water flow is too low, this situation will also happen.

If you complete the Heat Pump Installation process correctly, it will be no problem to use it easily for five to ten years or more, and you can maximize the realization of green energy.

We offer a full installation service for pool heat pumps using our fully qualified engineers.

Our engineers are qualified electricians and experienced heat pump engineers that will install your heat pump in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

We can do Heat Pump Installation throughout most areas of the world.

Please contact us for more information 🙂

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