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How to install the air source pool heat pump ideally 100%? The regular use of the pool heat pump must obey the following rules: unobstructed fresh air, power supply in line with the unit, and circulation flow in line with the unit.

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The installation standards are as follows:

  • 1. The poolheizung can generally be arranged on the roof or on the ground near the building where the pool heater is used and should be kept away from places with dense crowds to prevent the impact of the airflow and noise of the heater’s operation on the environment;
  • 2. When the heat pump has a side air inlet, the distance between the air inlet and the wall is not less than 1 meter, and when the two pool heat pumps are arranged oppositely, the distance is not less than 1.5 meters; Heat Pump Installation in 2022
  • 3. When the pool heat pump is a top air outlet structure, the above space of the outlet is not less than 2 meters;
  • 4. Only one side of the wall around the pool heat pump is allowed to be higher than the height of the pool heat pump;
  • 5. The base height of the pool heater should not be less than 300mm and greater than the local snow thickness;
  • 6. Measures to remove a large amount of condensed water produced by the pool heat pump should be set up at the unit installation.

Parameter of the heat pump

Max basin volume35m360m366m3
Turbo Heating Capacity(kW)91114
Smart Heating Capacity(kW)71011
Advised water flux(m3)
C.O.P.  16-7.116-7.416-7.1
C.O.P.  in Turbo Mode7.17.47.1
C.O.P at 50% capacity11.211.411.0

Pool heat pump water system installation requirements

  • 1. Install the air source pool heat pump pool downstream of all filtration units and pool pumps, and upstream of all chlorine generators, ozone generators, and chemical disinfection. The inlet and outlet pipes can directly use PVC pipes;
  • 2. Under normal circumstances, the air source pool heat pump should be installed within 7.5 meters of the swimming pool, and if the swimming pool water pipe is too long, it is recommended to pack a 10mm thick insulation pipe, so as to avoid insufficient heating due to excessive heat loss of the unit;
  • 3. The design of the pipeline system needs to install a loose connection or flange on the inlet and outlet water of the heat pump for drainage in winter, and it can be used as an inspection port during maintenance;
  • 4. Shorten the water pipeline as much as possible, avoid or reduce unnecessary pipeline changes to reduce the resistance loss, install the exhaust pipe at the highest position of the main pipeline to empty the air in the pipe; the lowest part of the system is recommended to install a drain valve, just for the draining of water when the system is cleaned.
  • 5. Install a pool heat pump with the appropriate flow and head to ensure that the water flow meets the needs of the pool heat pump. In addition to the shock-proof soft joint connection between the pump, the pool heat pump, and the pipeline, a supporting frame should be provided to prevent the unit from being stressed.
  • 6. The ALSAVO pool heat pump is designed to withstand the water pressure of 0.4Mpa. To prevent damage to the heat exchanger, do not use overpressure.
  • 7. During the operation of the ALSAVO pool heat pump, the air temperature will decrease by about 5 degrees, and condensed water will be generated on the evaporator fins and fall on the chassis, and discharged through the plastic drain nozzle installed on the chassis. This is a normal phenomenon, and a drainage pipe must be installed to drain the condensed water.
  • 8. Do not connect the tap water pipe or other water pipes to the circulation pipe, so as to avoid damage to the circulation pipe and the pool heat pump.

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