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4 Useful Tips for Choosing and Using Water Floats Properly

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Water float toys have become heat choices for people’s entertainment in water activities. They are excellent options for relaxing and playing in the water.

What’s more, their cute shapes, colorful appearance, and easy-to-carry attributes attract both adults and children. Having a suitable and safe floatie adds more fun and security to your summer water activities. However, do you know how to choose or use an inflatable water toy properly? There are 4 dimensions needed for consideration.


Float VS Lifebuoy

A water float toy looks similar to a lifebuoy sometimes, but in fact, a common inflatable float is just a water toy that can be inflated, which is quite different from a lifebuoy. Clear requirements have been set in terms of the physical and chemical properties of the foam and plastic used in the production of the lifebuoys and life jackets. In addition, there are certain specifications for the hardness and strength of these products.


As for a water float toy, it can only play an auxiliary or protective role in water leisure sports or swimming learning, and it is dangerous to take it in the deep water. We ought to note that it is not a substitute for life-saving appliances, so try not to play or drift in rivers or seasides. In addition, kids should play with the floats under the supervision of adults, especially those who are too young or not skillful in swimming.


Look at or measure the size of your swimming pool or the place you hold the water party. It is advisable to make it fit the size of your location. Pay special attention to the maximum weight it can hold according to your specific needs. Some floats are made to meet the kids’ needs and they cannot afford adults, while some are specially designed for adults, and they are too large for the kids to use and therefore pose potential risks.



Material is an important factor supporting the safety of the water sports tools. It is necessary to select one with enough thickness and smooth joints. Inferior plastic materials will cause a series of problems such as damage, air leakage, and bursting. Meanwhile, do not take a pool float with a peculiar smell. The low-quality products may cause allergic symptoms to the skin. Durable, smooth, and high-quality materials guarantee your safety in the water to some extent.

Inflation and Maintenance

Read the product specification carefully before starting to use it. Many manufacturers will give clear explanations on inflation tools and precautions. The picture below is an example. So use proper inflating equipment according to the specification and do not over-inflate. It is suggested that 80%-90% of air in the floatie is enough in hot days.


Check carefully before you use it each time to see whether the pool float is damaged or leaked to ensure safety. In addition, make sure there are no sharp objects or widgets around or on the ground.

Finally, release the gas when not in use and keep it clean. Floats also have a shelf life like other products. Under normal circumstances, the safe use period of them is two to three years. Even if they are not damaged beyond this period, they should be abandoned to avoid aging and air leakage, which will bring safety hazards.

In a word, a water toy is not a lifebuoy in the water, but you should also consider its size and materials before buying a new one. Using and maintaining it in line with the product descriptions brings you more sense of security. By choosing and using the floaties wisely you can play safely and have more fun in the hot summers.

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