Vertical Inverter Pool Heat Pump

vertical inverter pool heat pump


pool heat pump

It is always important to be sensitive to market demand. As we know, there are some swimming pools with very limited surrounding space in the garden for heat pump installation. The installation distance is too small for a horizontal design pool heater. A vertical inverter pool heat pump could be a perfect solution for these pool owners.

is too small for a horizontal design pool heater. A vertical design heat pump could be a perfect solution for these pool owners.


inverboost vx pool heat pumpALSAVO has launched the INVERBOOST VX range of vertical inverter pool heat pumps. For a vertical inverter pool heat pump, the fan and compressor could be at variable speeds depending on the heat demand of pool water. When the pool heater is turned on initially, it will warm the pool temperature up first with a high working frequency. When the pool water reaches the desired temperature, the INVERBOOST pool heat pump reduces the heat output accordingly to maintain the pool temperature in mid or lower frequency with the best efficiency. The feature to adjust its heat output to match the heat demand of the pool is a significant cost and energy saving. In addition, the INVERBOOST pool heat pumps have reduced electrical startup requirements which is a good choice for users whose garden electrical supply is sensitive or limited.

INVERBOOST VX pool heat pump offers a “SMART TURBO” function, which could generate an extra 20% capacity for quick heating in need, like press and heat. The COP is up to 16, which is a high level in the pool heat pump industry. This means 1kw electricity used by the heater, up to 16kw of heat generated for pool heating. At the same time, the VX pool heater is the best combination of performance and silence as one of the most silent pool heat pumps in the market, much quieter than most other heat pumps.

And it has a built-in WIFI function, real-time monitoring, and easy use making it possible that you could control your pool heater anytime and anywhere with the ALSAVO PRO app. The APP is available in 10 languages, which could be downloaded by the app store or google play. Moreover, it could work in a cold climate with a temperature down to -20℃. The vertical design is more space-saving and could be installed more flexibly.

vertical inverter pool heat pump

Except for the quiet running, the INVERBOOST wärmepumpe pool also extends your swimming season so you could enjoy all-year-round swimming. The swimming pool is not a small investment for a family, the VX pool heat pump helps you spend more time in your swimming pool with families. Operating intelligently between different speeds in 3 heating modes as per the actual heat demand of the pool and the ambient air temperature, the VX pool heater is the most cost-saving and energy-efficient solution. The controller of the VX pool heat pump is an LCD screen, which is an embedded design that looks fashionable and sleek. It is also waterproof and durable. The display is intelligent and easy to use with many functions like power on/off, timer setting, data checking, and setting. The cabinet of VX is ASA material which is more premium material compared with ABS with better UV resistance.

INVERBOOST vertical inverter pool heat pump is equipped with premium and reliable components such as a Mitsubishi DC inverter compressor, oversize evaporator, and heat exchange component. All these results in the best efficiency and the ultimately quiet operation of the vertical inverter pool heat pump. Thanks to the unique and advanced INVERBOOST technology, the vertical inverter pool heat pump upgrades your swimming experience to you a new level and provides the greatest comfort.

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