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Why A Full Inverter Pool Heat Pump Is The Best Choice?

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For  pool heater,why a full inverter pool heat pump is the best choice? 

Do you agree that it is a headache to get the bill when you choose a Traditional gas pool heater and electric pool heater? If you choose a solar pool heater, you might worry when you meet the cloud day. 

Obviously, a pool heat pump is a better choice for pool heater,especially a full inverter pool heat pump ,it works at high efficiency without worrying about the limitations in weather, district, pollution, or energy costing.

Then you may wonder what is full inverter pool heat pump, let’s go and see.


Full inverter pool heat pump is a new generation that applies inverter technology for pool heater. InverBoost®  Full Inverter Pool Heat Pumps is one of the best in this area.  

The InverBoost®  technology makes it possible to run the fan and the compressor at variable speeds. Therefore, the full inverter heat pump is capable of adjusting output to match the actual demand from the pool very accurately.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING InverBoost®  Full Inverter Pool Heat Pumps ?

full inverter pool heat pump Energy Efficiency

Upon reaching the temperature you have set for the pool, InverBoost®  Full Inverter Pool Heat Pumps  will reduce the output to somewhere between 30% and 50% of the maximum power. At that output, it is capable of achieving COP up to 16.0, i.e. it can deliver 16kW of heat to the pool only for 1 kW of electricity used. For your reference, neither gas nor electric pool heaters have a COP above 1.0.

full inverter pool heat pump

  • Cost Effectiveness

Without a doubt the first argument for opting for InverBoost® technology: the significant reduction in energy consumption. Over a year, the saving is up to 50% compared to a conventional heat pump. The higher the COP, the lower your electricity bill.

  • Environment Friendly

Full inverter technology use R32 refrigerant. R32 is more efficient and environmentally friendly than the traditionally used R410A, results in a lower impact.

  • Silence and Durability

Invert pool heat pump like InverBoost® Full Inverter Pool Heat Pump can even reduce 20 times noise to 35dB(A)within 1m due to its unique InverBoost®technology. The choice of fans (e.g. variable speed brushless technology) also contributes to this noise reduction. This is a significant advantage in small spaces where the heat pump is placed close to the pool, or where it does not disturb the neighborhood.

Furthermore, as its low-speed operation, inverter pool heat pumps are more durable with a longer warranty than fix output pool heat pumps.   

  • Intelligent Operation

Thanks to its intelligent operation, the inverter pool heat pump takes into account the temperature of the water and the ambient air to regulate itself. It, therefore, operates automatically and adjusts to your needs.

At the beginning of the season, the temperature rises quickly.

At the height of the season, it will adjust and run at low speed to maintain the water at the right temperature.

  • Remote Control

Generally, full inverter models allow the integration of wifi for remote control and programming via your smartphone or tablet of your pool heat pump.

Since the full inverter swimming pool heat pump has so many advantages, how does it exactly work? Let ALSAVO explain to you in technical details below.


  • Traditional Pool Heat Pumps

Traditional pool heat pumps use AC power to turn on and off, it goes from 0 to max 60 Hz immediately when it opens. In order to turn on the motor and get it running, this start-up needs a lot of extra energy. A starting capacitor is used to store extra energy to deliver this extra power to the motor at startup. Most people know this kind of motor well when we see the lights temporarily dim when an older AC starts up. This tough start and stop consumes a lot more energy and puts a lot of extra stress on the motor, therefore it requires a lot of extra energy to turn on.

  • Inverter Pool Heat Pumps

An Inverter Heat Pump uses an inverter motor. The inverter motor uses DC power, unlike AC power, we can adjust the energy in the 0-60+Hz range. What does it mean? This means that when we turn on the compressor, we increase the speed slightly at the start until we reach the operating speed. It’s an ultra-quiet start, with no additional torque on the compressor motor. We are able to achieve peak efficiency with minimal energy without using a startup capacitor.

InverBoost®  Full Inverter Pool Heat Pumps

  • Full Inverter Pool Heat Pumps

Full inverter Pool Heat Pumps use full Inverter Technology, Which means that not only the compressor use a full DC inverter compressor, but also the fan motors. 

InverBoost® full inverter technology provides the best performance for pool heat pumps. The unique full inverter control system can adjust the operation of the compressor and fan to the nearest percentage (the compressor runs in Hertz, and the fan runs in Hertz per wheel), And the inverters control system has some intensity levels (usually 2 to 5 levels) because only the compressor can change the speed, and the fan has only a constant speed (on or off mode). Therefore, the performance of the full inverter pool heat pump is better than the inverter pool heat pump because it has a higher COP, stability, and higher energy efficiency.

Based on Full Invert Control System, Full Inverter Pool Heat Pump is able to save up to 50% compared to that of the traditional pool heat pump, making the InverBoost® Full Inverter Pool Heat Pumps  the #1 choice for pool owners!

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