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Why does your swimming pool heat pump freeze up?

pool heat pump

Why pool heat pump freeze up in winter?

During the cold winter season, some freezing ice on your pool heat pump often happens, But, When the whole pump is covered in ice, there is a concern to worry, coz your device won’t function well and might be at risk of getting damaged.
In this article, you will find out how to use a pool heat pump throughout the whole winter season. The cause of a frozen pump can range from damaged circuitry, freezing pool, burst pipes, and more. Ignoring the frozen device will yield significant concerns.

pool heat pump

Some reasons why pool heat pumps freeze up in the winter
The most common reason that makes your pool heat pump freezes up is the lack of good care and maintenance, this causes damage to the pump, which eventually leads to the pump freezing up.
Most pool heat pumps come with a defrost unit and the primary purpose of the defrost unit is to defrost most ice that might settle in the pump, in case of a wrong defrost unit, the device won’t warm ice crystals that freeze up in the pump.
As well, a lower temperature in the evaporator fins and the dew temperature in ambient air causes condensation to be produced on the evaporating fin’s surface. When the temperature reaches 0 degrees Celsius, the ambient air will cause the condensation water to turn into ice.
Here are some more parts that will lead the damage to freeze-up of your pumps. Refrigerator charge problem, damage to the control board, the problem with the sensor, damaged evaporation coil, and wrong valve.
Once the pool heat pump’s refrigerant temperature drops under the freezing degree, any moisture in the atmosphere will freeze, particularly in the condenser coil and the evaporator. This will happen if there is not sufficient airflow going through the device. Not enough airflow causes moisture to linger in the unit system, which will turn into frost during cold seasons.
Freezing rain settles on the devices and turns into a frost situation and once the top part begins freezing, the rest will follow quickly. Another reason makes your pool heat pump is freezing up might be raining hailstone clog in the device, freezing this from the inside out.
If the heat pump is leaking out, there is a busted tube that takes water out on the inside, and in the cold winter seasons, the action of water released will turn into frost and freeze up the device.

pool heat pumpVery low freon pressure is a common challenge that causes when it’s too cold outside to heat your pool. Low pressure means no temperature, low refrigerant that will freeze up the evaporation coil, Most pool heat pumps work efficiently when the outside temperature is over 45F-50F. The high pressure causes low flowing water pressure meaning there isn’t enough water passing through the heat exchanger for the process of heat transference on the other hand. Sometimes the condition can be confused with a wrong valve that appears open but closed inside the tube.
In the winter, Our INVERBOOST UX pool heat pump is extremely working well even in the super cold temperature-15°C, with our INVERBOOST technology.

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